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Welcome to Emichem

Established in the year 1977, "EMICHEM PVT LTD" is a trustworthy business entity. It engages in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Dyes for all types of applications. Our expertise lies in manufacture of Highly Purified Dyes in powder form for conventional Desktop Inkjet Inks, Digital Textile Inks, Cosmetics, Food Industry, Tracing Dyes, Leak Detection Dyes and others. We also make the traditional Acid, Reactive, Direct and some Basic Dyes.Our pure and effective Dyes are used by clients of diverse Industrial Sectors for dyeing, printing, coating and other purposes.We also manufacture Organic Pigments and Ultramarine Blue.

Inkjet Dyes
Inkjet dyes are the dyes that is applied in the Inkjet printers. These dyes are basically water soluble. The inkjet dyes are very well suited for applications that requires intensity and a wide range of colour gamut.
Liquid Dyes For Paper
The usage of Powder Dyes for paper is being limited. Method adopted to make these Liquid Dyes is not from the powder version only. Methods adopted are not only by Solvent separation
Salt Free Digital Textile Printing
Digital Textile Printing in nature is different to traditional Textile Printing. Digital Textile Printing is the future way of printing on Textiles. Our dyes for Digital Textile Printing are Highly purified.
Tracing Dyes
Water Soluble Liquid Dyes commonly used for Tracing Water-Leaks,Irrigation Lines,Fertilizer Systems,Detergent, Shampo Anti-Freeze, Industrial Cleaners etc.
Ultramarine Blue
We manufacture Ultramarine Blue , which is suitable for Textiles , Inks , Plastics and Paints. We manufacture almost 300 MT per month of this product.