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Ultramarine Blue

We manufacture Ultramarine Blue , which is suitable for Textiles , Inks , Plastics and Paints.
The monthly capacity to make Ultramarine Blue is up to 300 MT. We also engage in contract manufacturing for this product.

Our Ultramarine Blue is suitable for Detergents, Textiles, Laundry, Inks, Polymers and Paints.

We also make Liquid Ultramarine Blue

Typical Specifications of Laundry Grade Powder Material is:-
SHADES Reddish Blue is very characteristic other shades may go from the darker reddish shades to the lighter greener ones.
APPLICATIONS Suitable for laundry (During washing to prevent yellowing of white clothes)
PROPERTIES It is highly fast to light. Resistance to heat is 350deg.Centigrade for 5 minutes. It is not resistant to acids. It is not soluble in normal organic or aqueous solvents, it does not have a tendency to migrate.
BASIC CHARACTERISTICS Tinting Strength : 0-300
Specific Gravity approx. : 2.35
Moisture Contents (% max) : <2.00
Sieve residue 53 nm : < 1.50
Soluble Salts (% max.) : < 1.00
Acid fastness : 1 (Poor)
Alkali fastness : 2-3 ( Good )
Light fastness : 8 (Excellent))
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